Corgi Ass Tissue Box Soft Cartoon Paper Napkin Case Cute Animals Car Paper Boxes Lovely Tissue Holder for Car Seat

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1.This cute cartoon design, soft and plush look brings cuteness, comfort and warmth anywhere you place it. Suitable for car, bathroom, living room, kitchen or home decoration, etc.
2.You can the cartoon car tissue box on the headrest back or rear seat of the car for easy use. and it anywhere you want.
3.Made of super soft plush fabric. You can put your hands on the box, it on the back of a chair, or use it as a sleep pillow.
4.Put the paper towel into the plush car tissue holder from the opening. Suitable for car, office, bathroom, home, kitchen, tissue storage and so on.
5.The best choice car interior gifts for yourself, friends, family and loved ones, suitable for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday and more.
Product name: tissue Box


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Typically, baby pillows are suitable for infants aged 0-12 months. However, it's important to check the specific product guidelines for age recommendations and safety precautions.

Is the baby pillow easy to clean?

The ease of cleaning a baby pillow can depend on the specific product and materials used. However, many baby pillows are designed with removable, washable covers for easy cleaning. It's important to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the pillow stays in good condition and is safe for the baby to use.

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While some baby pillows may be suitable for supervised playtime or tummy time, it's important to check the product guidelines and recommendations for appropriate use.

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The durability of a baby pillow can depend on the specific product and the materials used to make it.

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